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Reading Room
September 24 – October 22 2022

Publications 1 – 10
Years 1 – 3

On the occasion of Marta’s third anniversary—the opening of Alex Reed’s ‘International Ceramics Friendship Park’ marked the public inauguration of the gallery on September 12, 2019—a gentle retrospective highlights the first ten catalogs from Marta’s publishing programme alongside a single work from each of their corresponding exhibitions. ‘Reading Room’ highlights works and publications from Alex Reed, Klas Ernflo, Elvire Bonduelle, Lindsay Muscato & Joshua Friedman, the participants in the gallery's seminal ‘Under/Over’ exhibition, Minjae Kim, Kristen Wentrcek & Andrew Zebulon, the participants of ‘Built In’ at the Neutra VDL House, Roula Partheniou, and Ross Hansen.

For the first time, these publications will be made available as a series marking the gallery's nascent years and softly prefacing its next phase.

Reading Room is set up as just that: a central pair of tables made from the gallery’s signature marine-grade plywood acts as a reading and browsing surface; upon it, lighting works from Elvire Bonduelle, Minjae Kim, and Preston Alba of Lakes Studio illuminate reading material; seating works by Ross Hansen surround, inviting focused or prolonged visits as desired; artworks functional and otherwise surround the central reading area.

Marta invites those familiar with and new to the gallery's program to visit the Reading Room, Wednesday – Saturday from Noon – 5PM, from September 24 – October 22, 2022.

Alex Reed
International Ceramics Friendship Park
6.0 × 10.0 in, 48 pp.

Klas Ernflo
Hoodie, Jacket, Dress
3 Prints, ea. 20.0 × 24.0 in

Elvire Bonduelle
Ceci nest pas son des pipes
6.0 × 10.0 in, 48 pp.

Lindsey Muscato & Joshua Friedman
10.0 × 12.0 in, 24 pp.

Various Artists
Under / Over
6.0 × 10.0 in, 160 pp.

Minjae Kim
I Was Evening All Afternoon
6.0 × 10.0 in, 48 pp.

Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon
10.0 × 6.0 in, 48 pp.

Various Artists
Built In at the Neutra VDL House
12.0 × 10.0 in, 96 pp.

Roula Partheniou
Strange Objects
48.0 × 10.0 in, Accordion

Ross Hansen
Forty-Eight Samples
6.0 × 10.0 in, 48 pp.


Marta is a Los Angeles-based, globally-engaged art gallery. Founded in 2019, the gallery makes space for artists to experiment with the utility of design, and for designers to explore the abandonment of function. Marta’s curatorial and publication programs take interest in the process of a work’s creation as well the narrative of its creator(s). Marta embraces the intersection of and the transition between disciplines, advocates for diversity in design, and promotes broad access to the arts.