Marta & Stanley’s Holiday Fête


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Various Artists
Marta & Stanley’s Holiday Fête
December 10 – 17 2021

Minjae Kim
Various Fishes, 2021

Works on view at Marta from — A History of Frogs, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Ross Hansen, Minjae Kim, Preston Alba (Lakes), Magnus Maxine, Alex Reed, Tania Enriquez (Rest Objects), Bennet Schlesinger, George Sherman, Three Sheep, and Tristan Unrau.

Works on view at Stanley’s from — Erik Benjamins, Omari Douglin, Katharina Höglinger, Keke Jones, Minjae Kim, Lindsey Muscato & Joshua Friedman (Base 10), Alex Reed, Justine Rivas, Bennet Schlesinger, Tristan Unrau, and Sarah Ann Weber.

You and yours are cordially invited to a week-long holiday celebration and collaboration between Marta and Stanley’s Gallery—a Fête, if you will. The opening of Marta’s Holiday Fête will take place on Saturday, December 11th from 5 – 8PM. The opening of Stanley’s Holiday Fête will take place the evening prior, on Friday December 10th from 7 – 10PM. We would love to host you for both celebrations, as they are one and the same. Both presentations will run through Friday, December 17th, with special holiday hours noted at left.

In the tandem spirit of collaboration, Marta and Stanley’s have colluded to present two dynamic exhibitions under the happy blanket of the overarching Holidays. Minjae Kim (via Marta) and Bennet Schlesinger (via Stanley’s) have created two new bodies of work that can be seen across both spaces, while works from other rostered artists and collaborators will be present as well. Moreover, Marta has placed works at Stanley’s, and Stanley’s has done the same at Marta.

The holidays are an occasion for reflection and togetherness. To that end and in that spirit, we hope you’ll join us as we ruminate in tandem on this past year and gather for two consecutive evenings of festivities, and perhaps a few enjoyable days thereafter in the lead-up to the New Year.

Bennet Schlesinger
Untitled Light Sculpture 54, 2021


Marta is a gallery that hosts works at the meeting points of art and design. Founded in Los Angeles in 2019, the gallery makes space for artists to experiment with the utility of design, and for designers to explore the occasional abandonment of function. Marta’s curatorial and publication programs take interest in both the process of an object’s creation as well the narrative of its creator(s). Marta embraces the intersection of disciplines, advocates for diversity in design, and promotes access to the arts.