September 18 – November 07 2021
at the Neutra VDL House

The Neutra VDL is pleased to welcome visitors back to the house for ‘Built In’, an exhibition of site-specific works from 32 artists, designers, and creative practitioners that engage the built-in architectural and historic elements of the residence. On view are works by: A History of Frogs, Brody Albert, BC, Charlap Hyman & Herrero, Misa Chhan, Jeremiah Chiu, Fiona Connor, Emily Endo, Escher GuneWardena, Andrew Thomas Huang, Nancy Kwon, L.A. Door, Lakes, Jason Lipeles & Janet Soval, New Documents, Kyoko Oshiro, Mina Park & Kwang Uh, Emma T. Price, Alex Reed, Rest Objects, Candice & Darren Romanelli, Nancy Stella Soto & PapiBoyBabyBoy, Stock-A-Studio, Arden Surdam, Terremoto, Three Sheep & Bob Dornberger, and TOLO Architecture.

Kindly arrange for a ‘Built In’ Exhibition Appointment via the Neutra VDL scheduling portal, HERE.